Carbon-free ammonia production

AmmPower’s self-contained, modular unit produces ammonia fertilizer from only water, air, and green power. 

We containerized an electrolysis system with the Haber-Bosch process and our own proprietary reactor technology to break water into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen atoms and add nitrogen from the atmosphere to synthesize ammonia.

This means ammonia production can be located closer to the end user in an integrated process designed to grow with the customer’s needs.

Meet the independent ammonia making machine™ - the iamm™ unit

One IAMM™ can create 4 metric tons of green ammonia per day

Economically produce ammonia fertilizer, become independent from the volatile market prices, and avoid seasonal fertilizer availability and transportation issues with the IAMM™.

Technology Validation

The “Demo Unit” is an IAMM™ prototype created by AmmPower’s engineering team at our facility near Detroit, MI. The same technology and system integration methods used build the Demo Unit will be scaled accordingly to manufacture the full-size IAMM™ green ammonia production machine.

The IAMM™ Demo Unit

AmmPower is improving system processes through rigorous testing of the Demo Unit to optimize and validate our technology.


AmmPower is developing both ammonia synthesis and ammonia “cracking”, or decomposition, technologies. The first IAMM™ ammonia synthesis unit is currently under construction and will be ready for delivery in the first quarter of 2023. AmmPower is currently taking pre-orders for the IAMM™ units on

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