port projects

AmmPower is developing Green Ammonia port facilities at strategic locations 

The port facilities will favor the development of renewable energy projects at scale for the production of green hydrogen and ammonia. 

AmmPower will be an early maritime leader in the green shipping industry by providing green ammonia to maritime ships for fuel or transport.

Maritime fuel


At AmmPower’s port locations, renewable energy will be used to produce and store green hydrogen, then combine the hydrogen with nitrogen from the air to create green ammonia using our in-house reactor technology. The ammonia can then be stored, ready for transport, or used directly from the port location to fuel maritime ships.


AmmPower currently holds a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Porto Central in Brazil, with the objective of installing a world leading green ammonia facility in the port. 

The facility will produce roughly 4,000 metric tons of green ammonia per day, servicing the shipping industry for fuel, providing green fertilizer to the Brazilian marketplace, and allowing export of green ammonia as an energy source. 

With up to 25 meters draft, the port will be able to receive the largest and most modern ships in the world, and when operational, Porto Central will be one of the most innovative ports in the world and a major green energy hub.

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