AmmPower's IAMM™

Idealized for the agricultural industry, the IAMM™ generates high-purity anhydrous ammonia fertilizer. Year-round-consistent production means on-demand anhydrous for the planting season.

Economically produce ammonia fertilizer, become independent from the volatile market prices, and avoid seasonal fertilizer availability and transportation issues with IAMM™.

Clean, Green Ammonia Machine

The IAMM unit is designed to produce green hydrogen through electrolysis, isolate nitrogen from the air, and convert the H2 and N2 into ammonia using renewable electricity, rendering it independent from both natural gas and oil prices.


Carbon Offsets

Offset yearly operating expenditures by earning carbon credits to sell or trade.


Why Choose IAMM?

AmmPower’s Independent Ammonia Machine™ provides you anhydrous ammonia at your convenience.

  • Avoid industry standard pricing and develop reliable & predictable ammonia production.
  • Stable & measurable profits. Profitability: 43% earnings pre-tax.
  • Create and control your own supply with on-site ammonia manufacturing.

Your independent ammonia making machine - iamm™

AmmPower is developing innovative, proprietary technology to efficiently produce green ammonia (NH₃) and green hydrogen (H₂) for alternative, carbon-free fuel and fertilizer.


4.4 Tons


Output NH₃



earnings pre-tax



9.07 MWh/ton NH₃

Input Power



Input Water

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