Ammonia Cracking

Leading ammonia cracking technology

AmmPower R&D develops proprietary catalyst operating at low temperature with high conversion efficiency.

AmmPower’s cracking units will generate ultra-high purity hydrogen, per ISO-14687, the hydrogen fuel quality standard. Our technical development on low-cost and efficient adsorbents and separation methods can bring the ammonia impurity below 0.1 ppm, free from the risk of poisoning PEM fuel cells.

AmmPower has the technology and the manpower to commercialize the cracking process as early as 2023.

Project development plan

100W Lab-Scale Demo


From ammonia to hydrogen to power, AmmPower successfully completed the demo in July 2022 with near 100% conversion.

Full conversion temperature reduced by 150°C using AmmPower’s proprietary non-Ru catalysts.

Target products & Services

200 kg/d green hydrogen unit

kW-scale clean power unit

Technology Service Provider

Interested in other ammpower Products?

We are currently taking pre-orders for our modular ammonia synthesizers.  Unit delivery scheduled for Q1 2023.