Frequently asked questions and answers

On AmmPower’s secondary website,, you can learn more about our modular and scalable ammonia production unit, the Independent Ammonia Making Machine™. The IAMM™ will be capable of producing 4 metric tons of green ammonia per day from only two inputs: water and electricity.

On, we have provided details including the operational requirements, estimated cost details, and additional information on how the unit works. If you are interested in purchasing a unit, you can request a quote here.

AmmPower’s ammonia synthesis unit prototype is complete and operational, located at our production facility near Detroit, Michigan. In the summer and fall of 2022, we will be holding tours to see the demo unit in action. Just contact us at [email protected] if you are interested.

The production-scale IAMM™ unit is still currently under construction, and we are looking for ambassadors to host a unit on-site for operational viewing.

AmmPower has recently completed construction of the ammonia synthesis demonstration unit and is currently running tests to confirm the viability of the technology. 

We are spending most of our time working on the production-scale ammonia synthesis unit, the Independent Ammonia Making Machine (IAMM). We are finalizing the design of the IAMM unit, validating the integration of subsystems, and have begun the early stages of manufacturing.

In our lab, we are developing our in-house ammonia decomposition catalysts and proprietary ammonia cracking technology.

AmmPower is also working on several large-scale ammonia synthesis projects, including the construction of green ammonia production facilities located at ports around the world to service the maritime industry.