AmmPower is a clean energy company focused on the production of green ammonia. We are active in all facets of green ammonia technology, including the production of green fertilizers, carbon-free shipping fuel, and the ‘cracking’, or moving of green hydrogen as ammonia.

AmmPower is developing proprietary technologies to produce green ammonia and green hydrogen at scale, including the investigation of unique catalytic reactions to bring down costs and to take advantage of carbon credits in the renewable energy space.

AmmPower holds several LOIs with ports in Brazil and the United States, and we are manufacturing our IAMM™ units to create green ammonia for the agricultural industry. We are based in Toronto, Ontario, with a research and manufacturing facility in Southeast Michigan. AmmPower also holds a lithium exploration property in Quebec and an option on the Titan Property located in Northwestern Ontario.


Create proprietary processes for developing green ammonia with minimal by-products
Design and manufacture modular & scalable units to produce green ammonia onsite
Scale production to readily provide industry leaders with ammonia manufacturing units ​
Reduce point-to-point trans modal emissions and logistical costs
Decarbonize previously hard-to-abate sectors using green ammona
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AmmPower’s Manufacturing and R&D Facility is developing:

  • Green Ammonia Generating Systems
    • Demonstration-scale (50 kg/d) ammonia synthesis unit
    • Independent Ammonia Making Machine (4 mt/d) modular and scalable production unit
  • Ammonia Cracking Systems
    • Demo unit I (10kg/d) with fuel cell integration
    • Demo unit II (100kg/d)
  • Custom Green Ammonia Production Plants for Maritime & Port Applications

Through the combination of research, science, and industrial manufacturing, AmmPower’s team has filed for multiple patents in conjunction with the formation of intellectual property.


Spearhead catalytic research for optimal ammonia production.

Innovate stable and reliable production processes.


Combine process and manufacturing techniques to develop an efficient, easily deployable, scalable, and economically feasible ammonia producing unit, the IAMM™.


Develop efficient in-house manufacturing processes.

Refine systems for large scale production.


The AmmPower team is an ideal mix of successful executives, strong capital markets personnel and experienced engineers who have united to build a company focused on developing strategic investments to power a clean energy future.

Management Team

Gary Benninger, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Chairman of the Board

Rene Bharti


Zhenyu Zhang, Ph.D.

Chief Technologist

Luisa Moreno, Ph.D.

VP Technology & Government Relations

Venkat Pattabathula

Director, Ammonia Production Processes

Advisory Board

Paul Mascarenas

Senior Advisor & Chairman of the Advisory Board